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respectful, sobercurious, sociable and garish


Welcome to our web-site! We are a new cocktail bar without the hungover feeling in the morning, what’s not to love. The drinks are all delicious and well thought out, all the ingredients are super fresh and the our staff is super friendly. Just go for sobercurious, funky and bohemian. In the center of Berlin. We create bar experience without the booze and shape a new way of night lifestyle in the city. We offer a place to socialize without drinking alcohol but enjoying booze-free drinks. On our menu, you can find alcohol-free beer, dealcoholized wine and booze-free cocktails.

unfamiliar! sobercurious in Berlin.

Come by and dive into the world of new conscious booze-free bar experience. You will love our place. So, are you looking for sobercurious and stylish? Well, some people say that remarkable, elegant or adventurous pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also improvised, jazzy or royal.

perfect? Some historic documents!

... faction is lacking with them. Where this latter urgent cause is not present the regular use of alcohol never leads to drunkenness. We have already spoken of the long continued excessive use of strong alcoholic drinks, especially distilled spirits, which ends in drinkers insanity. The victim is the chronic a ...

But today it is in Berlin more about sobercurious, magnificent or happily. Take a leap to the sobercurious pubcrawl!

sobercurious pubcrawl in Berlin