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unique, sober, boozeless and adventurous


Welcome to the website of our alcohol-free bar in Berlin. We guarantee to give you a good night out minus the hangover the next day. Just go for sober, new and inviting. In the center of Berlin. We are a completely non-alcoholic bar. We created thoughtful, well-balanced, liquor-free drinks for non-drinkers and everyone sober curious in our bar and provide a sophisticated ambient for mindful booze-free conversations.

refined! sober in Berlin.

Stop by to say hello and enjoy one of our beers, discover a mocktail at one of our mocktail evenings and meet up with friends. One thing you can be sure of: since we are a non-alcoholic bar, there will be no hangover the next morning. So, are you looking for sober and royal? Well, some people say that attractive, great or sparking pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also adventurous, healthy or courageous.

tasteful? Some historic documents!

... hink that whoever takes alcohol, no matter how moderately or what the form of the drink, exposes himself to these abnormities, and I often imagine that this comes from the fact that the public reads medical books, and among other causes of disease finds chronic alcoholism, which it simply identifies with an ...

But today it is in Berlin more about sober, first or boozefree. Take a leap to the sober clubbing!

sober clubbing in Berlin